Na'Tasha Jones

I specialize in digital marketing and social media strategy with a focus on content and event marketing. I also enjoy writing, photography and complaining about the gym. Check out my recent print, digital, and video projects by clicking the tabs in the menu bar above.

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer,

Along with five fellow runners, I co-founded RUNGRL, a new-media platform that provides information, inspiration and celebration for the Black woman distance runner. By thoughtfully curating content and in-person experiences that share our stories, we are working to change the existing narrative on what it means to be a runner and the importance of wellness in our community.

As chief content officer, I oversee all content and marketing communications for the website, social media, email, information products and other marketing to shape the vision and voice of our unique platform and community.

BeginHer — Start Your Running Journey Today

New beginnings often come with new hope and excitement. However, when it comes to health and fitness, sometimes it can be hard to keep that new enthusiasm going long enough to see lasting results. RUNGRL wants to help with that. Whether you’re returning from a lengthy hiatus, looking to change up your current fitness routine, or simply don’t know where to begin, we understand the challenges of starting something new. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you, sis! RUNGRL is here to help you begin again.

Celebrity Hairstylist Yene Damtew on Healthy Hair, Fitness and Fitting it All In

Yene strongly believes in continuing education for stylists and learning to identify what changes in the hair and scalp can really mean. “Many stylists today aren’t educated enough to recognize the change in your hair and ask what’s going on in your life that would cause this change in hair texture, fullness, etc. With trends like the lace-front movement, there are many stylists who know the application of these units, but who do not care for the hair underneath.

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Meet The Women Who Are Changing the Future for Black Distance Runners in DC

When Jasmine Nesi and Ashlee Lawson met in 2014 as members of the run club District Running Collective, they realized that, while DC’s running community is diverse, “There wasn’t a space for black women distance runners,” says Nesi, who lives in Northeast and works in PR. “For black women especially, when you think of running, you think of track [and field]. I think we fall off around the 800-meter mark,” she says.